About Amber Hamilton

AmberGwinAmber was born and raised in Tennessee. She was voted Most Outgoing in her graduating class of Ripley High School, where she graduated in the top 20 of her class with a 3.75 GPA. Upon graduation Amber received her Bachelor's degree in Administration, with a focus in Accounting from The University of Memphis. After taking a year off from obtaining her Bachelor's degree, she decided to pursue her Masters of Science degree with a focus in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. Amber has graduated with a MBA and now plans to sit for the CPA exam.

Amber has over 6 years in the accounting industry and a broad knowledge of various accounting procedures and policies. She has worked in a variety of different atmospheres throughout her career. She has worked in accounting positions from the banking industry all the way to the beverage business. She has also been responsible for domestic and international accounts while she worked at several of these companies.

Amber enjoys spending time with her husband and children and loves to spend time doing outdoor activities. Outside of her love for numbers, or the universal language as she calls it, she has a creative passion for bringing life back to old pieces of furniture. She enjoys worldly adventures to other countries and picking up the native language. She enjoys practicing her French, Spanish, and sign language. On top of her hobbies, she has also invested her time through volunteer at the local library and local non-profit organization.

Amber is a resident in Tipton County, TN, where she has lived for 10 years now.